Aggressive. Advocates. Specializing in personal injury and criminal defense. Winning is what we do best.

Attorney David Sleigh is well known throughout Vermont as highly skilled advocate of the law. Respected by clients and others within the legal system, David Sleigh is at home in all courtrooms. Associate, Attorney Kyle Hatt¬†shares David’s passion as an avid defender of civil liberties. Their goal is to see that their client be represented vigorously and intently, whether they live in St. Johnsbury, Vermont or elsewhere.

SleighLaw represents individuals who are dealing with a personal injury case and fighting insurance companies, who are being treated unfairly or unprofessionally or who have been charged with a crime.

  • Personal Injury Law including:
    Automobile Crashes, Negligence, Premises Liability,
    Slip and Falls, and Products Liability
  • Civil Rights Litigation
  • DWI/DUI, Civil License Suspensions
  • Felony and Misdemeanor Assaults
  • Felony Sexual Assaults
  • Domestic Assaults
  • Arson, Embezzlement, and Theft
  • Insurance Disputes